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Waste Treatment Technologies

The New Mode For Waste Incineration

Living standard of human is improving continuously with the advancement and development of history while earth resources are exhausting day by day and living environment of human is increasingly deteriorating. To improve living environment of human and protect the home of human, the most significant measure is to solve the problem of waste which troubles the human being.

As one of the backbone enterprises in environmental protection industry, SWT is dedicated to scientific treatment of waste for a long time. Living standard through ten years of exploration, practice and combining the actual conditions of solid waste in our country, we innovatively put forward the scientific concept of “changing waste into treasure and comprehensive incineration treatment of waste”. We regard waste as “the second mineral resources and energy treasure of human beings”.

Through scientific treatment measures, we utilize the resources produced out of waste which can be utilized by human beings for producing steam and hot water, generating power and manufacturing ground tiles while taking care of the waste problem so as to really reach the ideal effect of “changing waste into treasure and comprehensive treatment of waste”. Currently, SWT has successfully developed many waste treatment technologies and put them into construction operation in more than 30 cities in China and many other countries. These technologies have achieved great success and accorded high praises from customers.

World Class Waste Treatment Technologies

Municipal Waste Disposal for Large and Medium cities

Grate furnace power generation technology
Applicable scope: Cities with municipal waste output of 300 – 2000 tonnes per day.

Municipal Mixed Waste Disposal

Fluidized bed technology
Applicable scope: Treatment of municipal domestic waste sludge, paper pulp waste liquid and other mixed waste.

Concentration Disposal for Medical Waste

Pyrolysis treatment technology
Applicable scope: Concentration disposal of various urban medical waste and treatment of industrial solid waste with high heat value.

Concentration Disposal for Hazardous Waste

Rotary kiln technology
Applicable scope: Treatment of various medium and large-capacity solid waste, medical waste, and hazardous waste.

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