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Given our years of experience and collaboration of various partners, SWT International has ventured into the electricity sector and possesses the capacity to design power grids in the industry.

Introduction of Power Grids

Our team is capable to plan and design power grids of all levels, to forecast and analyze electricity market, to make transmission plans for power plants, to design connection systems, to study special subjects related to security and steady operation of grids and also design substations of 500KV or below, UHV overhead transmission lines, land and sub-marine power cables, as well as overhead optical cable communication lines.

The engineering design team of SWT International has provided over 2,000 items of engineering design and consultation services on power planning and power transmission . The team is making continual breakthroughs in technological advance and innovation by adapting to local conditions, optimizing designs, developing while looking into the future, meeting market demand, and braving to lead and innovate.

In recent years, SWT International hold tightly the construction policy of “Saving resources, protecting the environment” by using new techniques, new materials and new construction technology and realizing industrialization forming unified standard of design, cost, equipment and construction technology.

Substation Project

SWT International carries out substation engineering design fully in accordance with the guideline of “Saving resources, protecting the environment & realizing industrialization and the principle of unified standard of design, cost, equipment and construction technology.

We consider the reality of the project, then unifies the standard, optimizes the proposal, give prominence to the performance position of substation industrialization and pursues smooth technique, briefness and utility to save project investment, optimizes the creation and integration of the primary and secondary devices and technology to improve the intelligence level of substations: adopts full digital photogrammetric technology to reasonably choose substation sites and to optimize the planning of transmission line corridor: optimize building design and distribution equipment and general layout to effectively decrease the floor area and waste of land resources.

Fuzhu 1000kV HV Substation Project

Changchun South 500kV Smart Substation Project

Putian LNG Power Plant ~ 500kV Single/Double-Circuit Transmission Line Project

South Hami ~ Zhengzhou ± 800kV DC Transmission Line Project

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