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Pyrolysis Technology

Technical characteristics:

Pyrolysis technology is adopted and is applicable for the treatment of medical waste and industrial solid waste with high heat value. A small quantity of waste liquid can also be added into the furnace for disposal.

Waste in vertical pyrolysis furnace stays a longer time in the furnace and can therefore be fully burnt. The heat decrease rate of the slag is also lowered. During the process of gasification, a large quantity of heat generated by the combustion and carbonization of waste at the bottom of the furnace can dry and pyrolyze the waste in the upper part of the furnace, which can effectively utilize the heat value of the waste itself and reduce consumption of subsidiary fuel.

As waste is in static state during the process of pyrolysis and the medical waste gasification and pyrolysis treatment equipment utilizes insufficient air (oxygen-lacking style) to pyrolyze the organic in the waste, turbulent flow caused by the combustion of large quantity of surplus air will never occur. As a result, fly ash is avoided and gas emission is reduced while less harmful pollutants are generated, which greatly reduce the load of the air purification system.

The advanced computer frequency conversion control is adopted for the system. The combustion conditions can be automatically adjusted by modulating the frequency of the blowers and induced draft fan in the first and second combustion chambers according to the combustion status so as to ensure the furnace always be operated under the pre-set best status.

Mechanical feeding and temperature-control ignition and combustion supporting are adopted to realize high automation level and convenient operation.

Schematic Diagram of Pyrolysis Treatment Technology

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