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Rotary Kiln Technology

Technical characteristics:

The furnace body is rotary type and applicable for the treatment of various medium and large-capacity solid waste and medical waste.

Besides, some waste liquid can also be added. The furnace profile is specially designed for hazardous solid waste, which promotes full combustion, and facilitates the incineration effect to meet the requirements of “3T”. The second combustion chamber is specially designed to form a three-dimensional rotational flow at both longitudinal and axial directions in the second combustion chamber to fully mix the flue-gas and oxygen and ensure the residence time to be longer than 2 seconds. Mechanical feeding and temperature-control ignition and combustion-supporting are utilized, so high automation level and convenient operation is realized.

Our company adopts the latest construction method for rotary kiln’s furnace wall from Japan and using three-layer casting method instead of the original firebrick design. Besides, it adopts high temperature resistant, corrosion-resistant and high-intensity fire-resistant casting materials.

Advanced exhaust gas treatment equipment is adopted, that is, half-dry rapid cooling and acid removal activated carbon spray powder adsorption + bag dust remover.

As a result, no secondary pollution and no sewage water discharge and the flue-gas emission indexes are more favorable than state emission standards.

Schematic Diagram of Rotary Kiln Technology

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