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Fluidized Bed Technology

Technical characteristics:

Fluidized bed can make combustible waste fully contact with air so as to accelerate the combustion, promote full combustion and generate less carbon residue (smaller than 1%).

Taking bed materials as the heat carrier, it has large heat capacity and high intensity of incineration and the quantity of waste treated on unit hearth area within unit time is great.

Due to high intensity of incineration, the furnace cubage and heat loss are reduced for the same scale compared with the grate furnace.

When the flue-gas temperature at the hearth exit reaches 850°C, the required heat value of entrance waste is lower than that of the grate furnace. Therefore, it can treat municipal waste with low heat value and high water content.

As it can not only treat municipal solid waste but also sludge and paper pulp waste liquid, the fluidized bed can treat mixed waste and thus reduce the investment.

As there is no running mechanical equipment within the fluidized bed, its manufacturing process is simple and the manufacturing cost is comparatively low.

Schematic Diagram of Fluidized Bed Technology

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