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Grate Furnace Technology

Technical characteristics:

Applicability of grate: grate furnace technology is specially designed for waste with high water content and low heat value. The quantity treated at one time is great and the waste sorting process can be omitted, that is, reclamation, hazard-free treatment and quantity reduction can be realized for solid waste having not been sorted and collected.

Advantage and reliability of the technology: the grate adopts the advanced design concept combining direct motion and adverse motion, which further enhances the combustion efficiency of the furnace. It also adopts the advanced incineration auto-control system.

The waste-to-energy system has passed the operation test for more than 20,000 hours and all the indexes reach the design requirements. Reasonable design, low heat loss and low operation cost. High heat efficiency and stable air pressure: power generation by affiliated generator units with good economic benefits.

Advanced exhaust gas disposal apparatus is adopted, without secondary pollution and sewage water discharge. The flue-gas emission indexes are superior to the state emission standard.

High-performance components are adopted, wherein the key parts are imported equipment. As a result, the failure rate is rather low and the service life is rather long.

Perfect auto-control mechanisms are provided, with imported high-performance components as the core so as to realize auto-control of combustion and reduce the workload of operators.

Schematic Diagram of Grate Furnace Incinerator

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